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Perfect professional
August AAugust A
23:37 11 Oct 23
Dan just has a terrific understanding of the law and the Court system. He answered all my questions, using his great experience and a pleasant understanding demeanor. I've trusted him completely and I think he's one of the best in the State at what he does. Definitely work with him.
Charles LemonCharles Lemon
00:49 01 Sep 23
Dan was incredible throughout the process of dealing with the estate of my partner. I would've been completely lost without his expertise and advice.
Kristina ArthurKristina Arthur
13:58 10 Jul 23
Daniel helped me more than any other attorney could! Not only was he able to, he was willing to step down to bring me up. I would not be where I am today without him!
shamika Spencershamika Spencer
17:02 16 Jun 23
Daniel McGowan is knowledgeable and responsive. My grandfther passed away entestate which I thought would be a nightmare, However, he has been patient with me and helpful the entire time. I owe him a debt of gratitude and apprecite having someone in my corner who knows the laws and represented me well.
Sean WalkerSean Walker
23:22 15 Jun 23
Mr.Mcgowan showed me that there are still good hearted souls out here trying to make a difference and protect those who can't protect themselves when dealing with probate issues that come up when a loved one dies. Mr.McGowan is very detailed and right to the point but also listens to his clients and help them understand the process.Thank You so muchSincerely Sean Walker
NeeCee N FloridaNeeCee N Florida
23:01 15 Jun 23
Daniel McGowan is the most personable and attentive attorney I've ever interacted with, and I have had my share. He has gone above and beyond for my boyfriend to proceed with a complicated probate issue, and we cannot thank him enough for his interest in our case, when we literally, couldn't get anyone to even listen. He is very honest and up front with what you are facing and we cannot thank him enough for his help and interest in this case.
Mohammad AbdallahMohammad Abdallah
20:11 24 Apr 23
Mr. McGowan is a great attorney. He is professional and stays in communication with his clients throughout the pendency of the matter. He knows his area of law very well and it shows! I would absolutely recommend him. Thank you for everything Mr. McGowan!
Katie BissettKatie Bissett
23:32 14 Sep 22
I called Mr. McGowan this evening in hopes of receiving some information on how to go about transferring a life insurance policy from my late grandmothers name into my name, as I am listed as the “insured” on the policy. I was given some information prior to tonight’s phone call and I needed to verify that.Attorney Daniel McGowan was able to relieve my anxious mind and let me know that I didn’t necessarily have to have the outstanding attorney fees to make this situation worth while.I am very thankful that he was able to give me this information and assist in how I can find the forms needed for relief from an administration.Thank you, again!
Christopher SheraChristopher Shera
17:10 27 Jun 22
Daniel McGowan's prompt response and expertise about an urgent matter of guardianship and probate was first-rate and professional. His advice saved us considerable time, heartache, and, ultimately, money. We highly recommend his services and would use again in a heartbeat.
Tara ProsenTara Prosen
12:16 17 May 22
Daniel's response time, professionalism and the manner in which he conducts his services were beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend him as an attorney. His assistance as it related to my mother-in-laws guardianship case was impeccable.
Connie ShawConnie Shaw
01:13 19 Apr 22
My brother is the Executor of my mother's Will. Within days of her death, he started making demands and threats towards me. I called the Law Offices of Daniel McGowan, he returned my call in less than 2 hours. He truly listened to my concerns and calmed my fears. He gave me great advice, told me what my options were and basically what my brother could and could not do, acting as Executor. Attorney McGowan told me to call back if I had more questions or if I felt that I needed representation against my brother. I would recommend Attorney McGowan to my best friend.
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