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Guardianship Litigation & Disputes

Guardianship Disputes Attorney in Cleveland

The court appointment of a guardian under Ohio law is often an emotional and contentious issue.

A guardian can be appointed for a minor child (in situations where there is no parent or the parent is incapable of acting as guardian) or for an adult who in incapacitated or has been judged to be incompetent to handle their own affiars.

A guardian is a person, association or corporation appointed by a probate court to be legally responsible for an incompetent person and/or the person’s property. Most commonly, individuals are appointed to serve as guardians. The person for whom a guardian has been appointed is called the ward.

In most cases, this will be a close relative. However, another individual, such as an attorney, or even a corporation, may be awarded guardianship. You may also nominate someone to be your guardian via a Last Will and Testament, or other legal document, including a financial power of attorney or healthcare power of attorney. Appointment of a guardian is an involuntary action taken by the court, which must be supported by a statement of expert evaluation. This is usually completed by a physician and attests to the fact that the ward is incapcitated or incompetent by other means, including dementia or substance abuse. 

Conversely, a conservator is someone appointed by a competent adult to handle some or all of his or her affairs, as outlined by the parameters of the conservatorship. 

Those who disagree with the need for a guardian, or an apparent choice of guardian, should seek the immediate assistance of a Cleveland guardianship attorney with significant probate court experience. Once appointed, a guardian is typically granted broad powers, including: 

  • Paying debts owed by the ward.
  • Collect all money owed to the ward.
  • Managing all assets of a ward.
  • Deposit all funds of the ward into an account in the name of the guardian.
  • Invest any of the ward’s funds.   
  • File with the court an official inventory of the ward’s assets and how those assets are being utilized.
  • Selling ward assets.
  • Defending the ward’s interests in court.

With such responsibility comes significant liabilities and guardians are required to be bonded and insured for twice the amount of a ward’s assets, excluding real estate. This typically means the guardian will have to have good credit. 

Common disputes involving guardianships include:

  • The need for a guardian in cases where there is disagreement by the ward or other family members that the ward is incompetent or unable to handle his or her own affars. 
  • The selection of a particular person to act as a guardian. 
  • Undue influence by a guardian. 
  • Self-dealing or fraud on the part of the guardian. 
  • Failure to file periodic accounting and other paperwork as directed by the court. 
  • Failure to act in a ward’s best interests. 
  • Failure to competently execute guardianship duties, often involving timely payment of debts and handling of assets. 

Unfortunately, an experienced guardianship attorney in Cleveland is often not contacted until after substantial improprieties are uncovered. Whether you are applying for guardianship, or have concerns about the appointment or performance of a guardian, seeking qualified legal help as early as possible in the process is always the best course of action. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Guardianship litigation often occurs due to disputes over the suitability of a proposed guardian, disagreements on the care plan for the ward, or concerns about the guardian's management of the ward's finances. In Cleveland, Ohio, our experienced attorneys can help address these issues by providing skilled representation and ensuring that the guardianship serves the ward’s best interests.
To contest a guardianship in Cleveland, Ohio, you must file a formal objection with the probate court that oversees the guardianship. This process, part of guardianship litigation, requires presenting evidence and arguments to support your case. Our legal team at McGowan Law is adept at handling such disputes, providing strong advocacy to contest guardianships that are not in the best interest of the ward.
If you are facing a guardianship dispute in Cleveland, Ohio, it is crucial to seek legal assistance promptly. Our experienced attorneys at McGowan Law are here to help. We can provide the necessary legal support to navigate guardianship litigation and protect your loved one’s interests. For more information and to discuss your case, please contact us.

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