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Category: Musings on the Practice of Law

Is A Funeral Required?

Wed Sep 18th, on Musings on the Practice of Law |

Generally speaking, there are no requirements relating to formal funerals

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Tax Planning Considerations

Tue Nov 8th, by Daniel McGowan, on Musings on the Practice of Law |

The settlor of a trust may have a specific purpose which is best achieved through a specific form of trust. 

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Probate Court Jurisdiction after Firestone v Galbreath

Wed Oct 19th, by Daniel McGowan, on Appellate Practice in Probate, Musings on the Practice of Law, New Probate & Trust Cases, Probate Law and Procedure |

Developments in Ohio case law have addressed some of the probate law questions left unanswered by the Ohio Supreme Court in the Firestone case. 

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