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Probate Litigation Attorney in Beachwood

Probate litigation has become vital in the past decade because of increasing wealth, higher litigious society, and other reasons. Disputes and confusion over the administration of the wills can become complicated, creating problems among the family members. This makes a tough time even more challenging for everyone involved.

Having a Beachwood probate attorney can take this complication away from the equation and ensure that the will of the deceased is properly followed and the rightful beneficiaries receive the assets as intended.

Understanding Probate

Probate is the transfer of an individual's assets through a legal process after death. During this process, the probate assets are identified, preserved, inventoried, and distributed among the rightful beneficiaries based on the will of the individuals and the Ohio statutes.

A skilled Beachwood probate attorney is essential to provide helpful advice on the distribution of all assets, resolve any disputes, and assist the trustees. Our experienced probate team can help you in navigating through the complex probate laws and intricacies, proving the authenticity of the will and ensuring a suitable administrator or executor is appointed.

Do You Need a Last Will and Testament?

Probate and estate planning make transferring your assets easier after you pass away, giving your loved ones some ease during a difficult time. Having the last will and testament is an integral part of probate and estate planning as it instructs the Probate court about what to do with your assets.

Probate vs. Non-Probate Assets

One of the significant factors that makes probate law complex is understanding which assets are probate and non-probate. Both of these are managed differently and require the representation of a Beachwood probate attorney.

Non-Probate Assets

These are the assets that are not managed through the will. These might include:

  • Assets in a trust
  • Assets with a designated payable
  • Assets jointly owned with survivorship rights

The probate court in Beachwood doesn't have any authority over non-probate assets and doesn't require the representative or executor to report these.

Probate Assets

The probate assets are managed through the will of an individual. These assets might include:

  • Assets not included in the trust
  • Assets without a beneficiary or survivor
  • Accounts and policies under the sole name of the individual

Probate Services Offered

Our expert Beachwood probate lawyer offers a range of probate-related services, including:

  • Distribution of non-probate and probate assets
  • Estate litigation representation
  • Guardianship
  • Identification, possession, and gaining control of the assets
  • The investigation, evaluation, and management of the creditor claim
  • Locating and contacting beneficiaries and heirs
  • Planning of estate
  • Planning of tax
  • Proper asset distribution advice

Consult a Beachwood Probate Attorney

Experienced probate lawyers can assist you in the probate administration process after the death of the loved one to ensure that their will is followed and respected. This is usually a hard time for the family members, and having a professional legal team by your side can help you navigate this stressful and challenging time. Get in touch with our team for an initial consultation.

Law Offices of Daniel McGowan, LLC is a full-service law practice, with extensive experience in the areas of litigation and trial practice, elder law, and probate law and trust law. The information on this website, however, is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. Each legal situation is unique and you should consult with a reputable attorney regarding your specific circumstances.
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