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Method of Revoking or Amending a Revocable Trust

May 12, 2017, by Daniel McGowan, on Probate Law and Procedure |

If a trust provides for a method of revocation or amendment, the settlor may revoke or amend only by substantial compliance with the method provided for in the terms of the trust.  Ohio Rev.Code Ann sec. 5806.02(C).  Here, the Ohio Trust Code differs from the Uniform Trust Code provision.  The Uniform Trust Code allows revocation by a settlor's clear expression of intent--even if inconsistent with stated formalities and terms of the trust.

In Ohio a will or codicil cannot amend or revoke a revocable trust unless the terms of the trust allow such an amendment or revocation.   If the revocable trust does not specify the means for revoking or amending, then the settlor may revoke or amend by any method manifestnig clear and convincing evidence of the settlor's intent (but not by a will or codicil). 

Under certain circumstances an agent under a power of attorney may exercise a settlor's powers to revoke, amend or distribute trust property.